Monday, January 30, 2012

My son the Masseur

Have you ever been in so much pain you can’t think? Every time I yawn, I get a crick in my neck. My back has so many knots that a boy scout troop could earn a maritime merit badge.
Every night I go home and lay in the floor begging my son to use me as a jungle gym which he usually happily obliges. It’s amazing how good twenty pounds of pressure on little hands and knees can feel on knotted muscles. The kneading euphoria is well worth the goldfish crumbs in my hair and the drool running down my face. It may not be a tranquil spa like atmosphere with Enya assaulting my ears but high pitch squeals and giggles, hair tugs and the sound of the evening news are a blissful lullaby in an aching momma’s world. He’s even pretty handy with the vibrating hand massager as he runs it along my back with a “Vroom Vroom.” If only I could train him to enjoy the game for more than three to five minutes…like an hour would be great.
Maybe my son has a future in massage therapy or maybe I’m cruel for using my sons loving exuberance to benefit myself, but really if we can’t manipulate our kids at an early age we have no prayer when they become teenagers. So I will take any little bits of joy (and reimbursement for bodily labor damage) I can get! Ha ha. What do you do with your kids that benefit you more than them?

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