Thursday, January 5, 2012

In the Red

Sometimes you need to feel bold, sassy, classy and even vintage. A mint-condition classic being lusted over by robust gearheads as you parade out a slick coat of fresh paint.

I’ve never been a lipstick wearer. I’ve always worn makeup but once my lipstick was chewed off for the day, I never refreshed. It never crossed my mind. When I started feeling like a frumpy whale wearing the same clothes day in and day out during the end of my pregnancy, I started wearing lipstick as a boost to my self esteem. When I fixed my hair, and “dolled-up” I felt a little more in control. If I was too heavy and swollen to have that pregnancy glow, I could at least give it to myself with the stroke of a bronzer brush.

After Matthew was born, I never applied lipstick. I was too busy smooching him to worry with such things and once I got to work, I didn’t think about it until the evening. I knew better than to put it on just to go home because the first thing I do when I pick him up at Daycare is kiss his face. What kind of mother would I be if I left lipstick on his dewy skin?

I quit wearing necklaces and dangling earrings because the baby tried to rip them off. I was beginning to feel frumpy and plain.

With the New Year, came a new attitude. I’m done breastfeeding. My boobs are back in their supported underwire which means some of my clothes with lower cuts can be worn. I’m taking control of my diet again and I needed a boost in the confidence department. So I decided to be bold and change up my look from smoky eyes and nude lips and sparkling chandelier earrings to natural eyes and bold red lips with a splash of pearls. I’m not sure I quite pull it off but at least I feel like I have the finishing touches applied.

Be bold. Be Sassy. What’s your current make up style? Trending with the Kardashian’s with their Heavy lined cat eyes or busting out a vintage classic? Smokey eyes or Red lips?

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