Monday, January 30, 2012

Ruffley Birthday Dreams

My birthday has slipped into obscurity. Seven years ago, my nephew was born the day before my birthday. Since then my birthday with my family has been celebrated with a card and a Happy Birthday while attending a child’s party.

Last year, my son was born the day before my birthday (he share’s a birthday with his cousin now). A balloon and a piece of cake from the Hospital Kitchen were my birthday recognition. My son is the best birthday present I could ever receive but I know the future does not hold any individual acknowledgement for my birthday. Especially this year since my birthday falls on Easter Sunday.

The family will have a traditional Easter Lunch following a Saturday of rushing from one Birthday party to another. Where would there be time to fit in something special for my birthday in a crazy weekend like that? It’s fine. Now that I am getting older, I half don’t want to acknowledge my birthday anyway.

More than anything this year, I just want to FEEL pretty and active for my birthday. That’s not something that can be wrapped and given over a dinner. I would love to be able to don a new Easter dress complete with Ruffles and pearls. Something super frilly and feminine that actually looks good on me.

I would like to have achieved goals and feel successful for my birthday. These are things I can give myself and I am actively pursuing those feelings. I am walking. I have signed up for two 5K’s. I’m eating healthier. One will be the weekend BEFORE my birthday and one TWO weeks AFTER my Birthday.

I hope to have my Nikon before my birthday and be actively taking nature walks and documenting my activity while practicing photography. Maybe, just maybe, I will have toned up and lost enough weight that I can buy a pretty frilly Easter dress to make my birthday wishes come true.

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  1. Hey girl! I can totally relate! My birthday is in December, so is Christmas, and our anniversary and the Hubby's bday is in January. The bday gets lost in the mix!