Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bucket List 2012-Blog Dare

I don’t have a Bucket List per say. I guess everyone has one in their head, the things they say they will do one day (like visit Ireland) but are not on a priority list. I tend to live in the now, planning for the next thing as it comes my way: plans for weeks, months, the year at the most.

I’ve done the typical New Year’s resolutions of dieting, getting fit, exercise, etc. but this year my goal is to get organized. If I could spend less time trying to clean up, find things etc. I could find more time to actually do things (like exercising etc.). So in that spirit, I’ve made a Bucket list for 2012 of things I want to accomplish in my new organized life:

Turn Drink Boxes (lord knows we have enough of them) into Can organizers as seen on Pinterest for my Pantry.

Develop a plan (and stick to it) for accomplishing mundane chores to leave more time to enjoy my family (rather than spending the majority of the weekend cleaning!

Downsize our THINGS so there is less to clean (and clean around). Simplicity is the key to an organized and clean house I think.

Decorate for Valentines Day-I’ve never spent much time on Valentine’s other than preparing my husbands favorite foods or a fancy dinner. This year, I think I would like to do some simple decorations and have a date with my husband: GO OUT TO DINNER and splurge on a babysitter (My how things change when kids come a long).

Lose the baby weight. You know, that 22-25 pounds that stubbornly hangs on. I want to fit in more time to work out and be a more active family period.

Throw a magnificent Babyshower for Tonya-As my friends get older and all settle in, I have fewer and fewer chances to throw bridal showers, babyshowers etc. so I seize the opportunity anytime I am faced with it.

Successfully pull off a fun 1st Birthday Party for Matthew. Yes, I abhor over the top children’s parties because how much does a child remember or appreciate it? Well, they love it on the actual day but who are we kidding? This is all about me and my penchant for party throwing. Any excuse to deck my walls and order invites from Etsy…mmkay?

Finally get my NIKON DSLR (and learn how to use it) so I can start taking decent pictures with all these wonderful ideas I have and snitch from Pinterest. My kid is adorable….I need good pictures without going broke paying professionals all the time!

Take a vacation. Even if it’s just a weekend, at the beach. I want to go somewhere with my husband (and kiddo) to see something new and say “WE went HERE on our 2012 Vacation”.

Throw my traditional July 4th Pool Party this year. Last summer was a bit off but I’m determined to make this one a fun and active one for Matthew (as well as myself).

Successfully Continue Craft Night through the year- so many things I want to make and try plus I would love to have an almost entirely homemade Christmas next year (buying only toys for the kids). In order to do that, I need to work on things all year long so to keep my motivation and encourage the use of Pinterest—Craft Night at my house every few weeks!

Start my Business.-I’m an entrepreneur from a long line of entrepreneurs. My family has always owned businesses and latched onto ideas for profit: Building caskets in the basement, building sawmill machinery, farming, horse boarding, catering. You name it, someone in my family has probably done it or tried it. I know I am destined to own my own business and I have a lovely idea but I am in the beginning stages of formulating my business plan, creating samples, checking into license infringement and patents. It’s hard to be gung ho about something and have to wait through a drawn out process. Hopefully my momentum won’t fizzle under a mound of paperwork.

Make a Homemade Christmas for our House: Stockings, tree skirts, runner for entertainment center, Christmas pillows and cushions for bench, housecoat and apron for me.

Keep my Garden pretty and weed free this year. Last year I was heavily pregnant during the time to prepare garden and had a wee infant through most of the season, so my garden was the worst disaster it has ever been. This year, I’m hoping my toddler will enjoy playing in the dirt and that I will be able to tend my garden and can foods again as I have truly missed my home canned goods this winter.

Use my pool. It costs on average: $437.50 per month to keep our large in ground pool running and clean. Last year, I got in it a total of FOUR times. No one came over. None of my friends that I offered it up to took advantage of it. It was always raining on the weekends. So basically we spent a crap ton of money for a pretty blue pond to look at from the dining room window. I vow to use it this year-someway, somehow. My son ADORES the water. He loved being in it last year when he was but a wee thing that could barely splash. Bath time is his favorite activity of the day. I will make sure he gets plenty of pool time this year!

Stay on top of the yard work. Our yard really got away from us last year. At different points, we hired two different yard guys to help us manage but that gets expensive and only covers the basics. I know Matt won’t be old enough to allow for major landscaping work, and Stephen is still in school so time is still limited but hopefully we will manage to keep it neat and tidy because the stress of worrying about it was nearly my undoing last year.

Most Important: WALLOW in my family time. Enjoy every second of watching my son grow. There will never be another summer of exploration and newness like this one for him. There will never be another year of firsts when he’s so eager to try things and yet still likes to curl into my lap for a nap. I want to remember to enjoy every second I have with him as well as being together as a family.

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