Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Best Toys Don't Make Noise

Today we are bombarded with toys of every shape, color and size imaginable. Loud noisemakers that carry on by themselves when no one is in the room (seriously that Vtech ball that rolls around and says “come play with me” in a scary high mechanical voice is effing creepy ya’ll), toy centers the size of a walk-in closet, and remote control everything for 1 year olds! I’m glad to see that it’s the simple toys I remember fondly from childhood that my son prefers.

The toy rings on a stick that everyone including cavemen (I’m sure it wasn’t made of plastic but once the wheel was invented I can guarantee they had this toy!) has enjoyed growing up. Since the introduction of plastic, even the colors remain the same. A simple device that attracts the young, enhances motor skills and brings a tear of nostalgia to any parent’s eye.

The moments sitting on his bedroom floor, after his evening bath, while he is fresh and clean with damp hair, sleepy eyes, and a cherubic smile, will be treasured forever. In each of those memories will be the sweet little rings clasped in a chubby hand as he meticulously tries to get it on the stick. His achievements cheered on by this proud mama who melts when he looks up at me with a toothy grin and claps his hands in response to my “yay! Good job!”

It’s not the loud flashing lights, bells and whistles, high-tech toys that we will remember, but the same simple toys from our generation and the generation before that capture our childrens’ hearts and are held on to for our grandchildren.

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