Friday, January 13, 2012

Creepy Creepy Toys are Sneaky

In a previous post about toys, I mentioned the little V-Tech ball. This thing is creepy yo. A brightly colored ball with all kinds of fun educational buttons to teach you animal sounds, numbers, colors, shapes and all in a little high pitched voice. It vibrates and rolls and talks and tumbles…even when you aren’t playing with it.

That’s right. When the short attention span of a child loses interest in this little wonder and crawls away to attack a Chuck the Truck, the ball rolls around, taunting in a sing song voice “come play with me!” Sometimes it succeeds in attracting his attention and he may crawl back for a moment but mostly it just scares the cat.

Every night, when I pick up the toys after he has gone to bed, I place that ball in a basket hoping it won’t get pulled out again. I turn it off. A few days later, its on the floor amidst an avalanche of toys, rolling around, taunting me.
Could we convince V-Tech to reduce the creep factor, just by a little. Seriously.

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