Sunday, January 1, 2012

Social Media Maven-Blog Dare 2012

Sometimes I want to give it all up: blogging, twitter, Facebook, email. Just disconnect from the world. The people I’ve never met, the friends who have become faceless names behind computers because IRL interaction is apparently a thing of the past. It just seems so impersonal.
Other times, I think I want to delve into it with wild abandon so I don’t feel so closeted off. Outside of work my entire world is my family. It seems I have time for nothing else hardly. Then I realize that being a social media mom has made me completely self absorbed. I don’t mean to be. I try and make efforts to hang with friends etc. but then I realize it has been awhile (of course they haven’t made an effort either so they are probably in a self absorbed state as well.)
I don’t have much computer time but my blog is set to automatic twitter updates-so basically I only tweet my posts most of the time- SOCIAL MEDIA FAIL
I blog and read other blogs but I don’t comment due to time and a Google Glitch (as in Google hates me and won’t let me do it on blogs that don’t have other options)
I text about my kid but rarely just a how are you. I know how you are… I read Facebook.
I make obnoxious comments about my life, post pictures, read status updates and exit Facebook…no need to contact anyone now…thanks Facebook.
I notice people don’t meet for coffee anymore. They sit alone and use social media…(so why bother going to Starbucks?)
Political Pundits have become rampant regurgitating trash based on fiction rather than truth.
People think they are more informed thanks to social media but they are more misinformed than ever.
On days I disconnect, I feel full of life, but I feel isolated. On days I tune in, I feel social but guilty about undone chores and less time with my baby.
Where is the balance we once had? It’s no longer 8 hours work, 8 hours play, 8 hours sleep. It’s 1 hour commute, 9 hours work, 3-4 hours home chores and family time, 2 hours errands, 2 hours preparing for the next day and 5 hours of sleep.
We are losing social bits of society by hiding behind computer screens because of our workloads. Not to mention we tap in on the go with our I-phones, tablets etc. People have a false sense of feeling connected. They know what’s going on with their friends but no longer finesse relationships that precipitate 2am emergency crying jags in person when in need of comfort. Now people boot up and pour their hearts out to chat boards or private Facebook groups.
Where are the comfort, the skin to skin contact, and the love and affection? Even kids are resorting to online lives with cyber bullying, Facebook cliques, and chatting. What are we teaching our children? Will the next generation be a society of non reproducing narcissistic hermits? Will the internet be the eventual end of human society (or at least the free world version that embraces everything unfettered and controlled)?
And yet in 2012, I wish to embrace technology by using the tools: Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Blog Groups, etc. to test my writing, explore options, and connect with moms like me who I might not meet otherwise. I would like to attract more readers, more relationships, (more parenting advice!) and (gasp) maybe even an advertiser or two so I can develop my online personality. (See not only am I self-absorbed but an oxymoron as well! That’s talent folks!)

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