Wednesday, January 11, 2012

8 Month Letter (a month late)

Because I'm backlogged on posts and pictures, I'm just now posting this one. OOPS.

Dear Matthew,

I can scarcely believe you are 8 months old. Day by day I watch you rush headlong into boyhood and leave the baby traits behind. I know it won’t be long before you no longer want to be rocked to sleep, cuddle into my neck and touch my face.
I wallow everyday in your sweetness; trying to store the memories up, for when you’d rather play in the dirt than sit in my lap. For now, you are content to interact with us but growing up too fast. You started crawling a few weeks ago and haven’t stopped or slowed down since. In the past few days you’ve been standing and pulling up. You have even walked while hanging on to my hands, the sofa, and the table.
I glow and encourage each new achievement and while I’m thrilled for each new phase my heart hurts at how fast you are going to leave me behind. Since becoming a crawler, you have graduated to the big boy tub where you crawl and splash and giggle happily every night.
You are enjoying a whole world of new foods and blends, cookies, snacks and crackers. You are still sensitive to textures so you are not crazy about even coarsely mashed adult food, though you are glutton for Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie and my coffee.
You have started sleeping in your own bed for at least part of the night on most occasions. While I know you need your own space and our bed is quickly growing too small for all three of us, I still enjoy your warm body curled into mine, your breath on my cheek and your little hand gripping me as you dream limitless possibilities.
I love you so much, words can not even say. It seems impossible but my love grows everyday, and while I know you are going to be a great toddler, I can wait for you to get there if you’d like to slow down and be a baby for just a little longer.

For now, you are splish splash baths, frozen waffles, stuffed tree frogs, chasing Truffles the cat, giggles under blankets, open mouth slobbery kisses, toothy grins, and deep hugs.

You are dreams come true, magic and snuggles, peace and Christmas spirit. You are everything good that daddy and I can give you. You have the best of us always in your heart.

All my love,


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