Saturday, January 7, 2012

Party on a Budget

I have extreme champagne tastes but a beer budget. I also have a penchant for hostessing parties and am addicted to Etsy and Pinterest (so you can see the delimma with the beer budget).

While I would love to just be able to buy any old thing I like, I rather enjoy taking cheap/bargain items and turning them into something fabulous.

Today was a lesson in baby shower planning, but I think its going to come together nicely. With the help of one of my best friends, some creativity and a lot of planning, I think we will pull off a lovely, creative and maybe over the top party without breaking the bank.

A morning with my son, planning/shopping with my BFF, an afternoon with inlaws who bought dinner, and making a cake for a friend all adds up to a pretty good damn day.

I hope you are enjoying all the little things today. Happy 9th monthday to my little boy!

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