Saturday, January 14, 2012

Toddler Drugs

Statistics show that any TV under the age of two is inappropriate. They site very impressive sounding studies about children’s inability to process the information therefore belying any affects even the educational shows may have (yay, points for not watching DORA!) etc. etc.

I get that. We watch too much TV in my house and I don’t want my child developing those bad habits (which is going to be interesting since I have to first CONQUER my husband’s bad habits!) Let’s be realistic though. A child is going to notice the TV at some point or the other, just like they notice a moving bright colored ball, or a ceiling fan. So if they have a 5 minute attention span, why not let them enjoy something that makes them smile or they respond to.

Occasionally, a 10 minute break for mom and dad so they can finish putting their pants on correctly in the mornings before work is just as much a necessity as coffee and after work baby snuggles. In that spirit, we tried a Baby Einstein DVD. Matthew didn’t look at it for even a second.

Along came the Gigglebellies. Bright pastel animals and overblown backgrounds that make your eyes bleed with jaunty little tunes. MY SON IS OBSESSED. I swear he inherited some iffy genes from my husband’s drug days because obviously the people who came up with this shit were hardcore tripping on acid.

I can’t believe my son likes these little 5 minute clips (nor that a 30 minute video costs $15.99!) but so far, they are the absolutely only thing that captures his attention as far as TV goes and he will happily sit still for 30 minutes and watch every second of that floating purple and pink elephant if we let him. Due to the obsession potential we keep it to a minimum of one or two clips every few weeks. Gigglebellies: the early gateway drug.

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