Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Adventures in the ER

I used to NEVER go to the Dr. or the ER. Before Marriage, I had been to the ER ONE TIME. Since marriage, I have been four or five times. I'm a walking medical moron. Last night, I went because of a severe allergic reaction to pork meat (that's what I'm assuming since I've had mild ones to pork before). It was terrible. It was SCARY! The pain was not worse then the M/C or the Gallbladder rupture..but the scary factor is WAY up there. The thought of your airway's closing up is a terrifying thing.

Even today, when I've had nothing but coffee to drink, my face feels numbish and itchy and I'm still freaking out a bit over it. I'm afraid to eat ANYTHING. I guess I need to go get the prescription steroids and take another benedryl. Jeesh, will this ever end?

Chalk up another medical bill. I feel like EVERYTHING is against me to being financially responsible in TTC. We just keep getting further in the hole with these bills and it is stressing me the hell out and its over STUPID stuff. Who the hell is allergic to PORK?

::shakes head::


  1. I am so sad that there is no more pork in your future. I'll happily take that frozen pig off your hands. lol. Just take care of yourself and feel better!

  2. I'm so sorry honey! Feel better soon!