Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I have rewritten this post four times. What I have to say is blah. It's true, but blah. The words do not look right.

Maybe it's the mundane of typical New Year's Fashion. ::waves to 2009, glares at 2010:: Everyone looks back with fondness or sorrow and then wants to see only positives with the new year and we make all these resolutions that will make our lives perfect: lose weight, get healthy, save money, etc. etc.

I would be hardpressed to find anyone who sticks with any of those past mid-January. In 31 years, it never happens. I myself looked back on 2009 with tears and fondness. I waxed poetic like a scene from Titanic "don't go jack, don't leave me" as the ship sank dramatically behind me.

But guess what, today is just another day like the day before and the day after. Each day is a new beginning, not because of a number on a calendar, but because the sun rises and with light comes another chance. Another day to live. Each day should be a celebration and not taken for granted. I have plenty of resolutions in my head but they are pointless to share because in two weeks, they will be the same. They are the same resolutions I have had for 20 years with a little bit of tweaking due to age and wisdom. Will I keep them? doubtful but I will try periodically the whole year through as I do every year.

This year, I just want to appreciate living and not take it for granted. I don't want life to pass me by in a blur without accomplishment. Happy New Year to all of you. I hope it brings fulfillment but most of all, I hope it brings clarity in life and the ability to appreciate everyday for what it brings.

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