Thursday, January 28, 2010

Good Food and Family

Good food and family over a game of Scrabble can always cheer one up. My sister came by last night and I was feeling a bit better. I made a Chicken Parmigiana and she kicked my butt in scrabble. Which I feel I should insert here, is a rare occurence! LOL

I actually managed to eat too! I avoided the cheese and the meat didn't appeal to me, but I scarfed down about a cup of noodles with a bit of tomato/onion sauce over it. I felt good! So I drank a shot glass full of liquid vitamins (VEMMMA which has been kinds turning my stomach lately from taking it on an empty stomach) and I felt GREAT!!

I had more energy and was alert! Which meant....I didn't sleep as soundly last night..LOL. Trade off but I'll take it.

I even got to work 15 minutes early this morning..go figure.

So the big news coming up is we are expecting another 3-5 inches of snow/ice mix tomorrow. This may seem like a drop in a bucket to some of you, but to us this is major winter weather. We get maybe one to two winter storms per year...usually between late January and March. We are LUCKY if we get 1-2 inches of snow with those. Other than that we are very mild. This year we had the big snow (7") a few weeks before christmas and a cold snap that stayed around till about a week and a half ago. Now we are nose diving into the cold temps again with another snow/ice storm following on its heels!

Don't get me wrong. I much prefer that these storms come in on Friday and the roads are melted cleared by Monday so I don't miss any work. I enjoy a good snowy weekend huddled indoors with hot chocolate and a big pot of soup! What I don't like is when the weather comes in before I get off work and I have to slip and slide home in my little mustang. Southern Snowy Roads and idiot drivers SUCK!

I am also not looking forward to the ice. We are right on the line of the predicted snow/ice. If it goes more toward ICE, we could lose power and I no longer have the big generator in the basement. BOO HISS.

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  1. As a fellow NC'er I am nervous about the ice/snow mix that is coming in too. I am still driving the minivan we bought and it is not paid off so I am not wanting to tear it up in this bad weather.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better! About time!