Monday, February 1, 2010

McFatty Monday

I've lost another 5 pounds! Exciting Stuff. Okay, how does that stack up? That means I relost the other 4 lbs I had gained back plus an additional pound. I am now 21 lbs down from my starting weight. AMAZING.

Unintentional starvation works wonders! Seriously. After realizing that at the beginning of last week I was eating under 400 calories a day, I made a concious effort to eat more. Then Friday came and I didn't feel well and I didn't have an appetite. Saturday I ate less then 100 calories and barely drank any water. I felt like I was coming down with the flu almost.

Sunday morning, after hours in the bathroom, I felt MUCH better. I'm not sure what it was, but I surely made up for the lack of calories yesterday. Junk food anyone? I tried to be good..I really did. But a snowy weekend trapped in the house and feeling a gnawing hunger all day that never went away? Yea..not so great on the diet. I started out with some homemade chicken soup but the noodles had gotten over done and when heated were mushy. So after about a 1/2 a cup of that I moved on to a slimfast. For lunch? a bowl of chocolate icecream. For dinner? a bowl of Cheesy Grit casserole. OH yea, and enough water to drown a Great Dane.

Here's the thing, in the past few weeks of a wonky diet and crazy sickness/allergy/whateverthefuckthisshitis, I've lost a lot of my taste for things I enjoyed before like Meat and MountainDew. My husband and I literally lived off Mountain Dew. It's the necter of the South ya'll. Probably the last 40 lbs could be contributed to that crap (and Starbucks.) I could live off of a liquid caffiene diet and probably have for the past few years. Healthy? Not in the least.

But the past few weeks have freed me from that. Almost like a year ago, when I got bronchitis and quit smoking. I've never looked back and I hope I continue to stay on this path of being addicted to water. I CRAVE water now. Not flavored or hidden. Straight up water. The stuff I've had issues drinking for years now. I can't get enough. When I start feeling wierd, I guzzle water. Hoping that by hydrating my body and giving it something with which to flush out the harmfuls, it will help me get back on even ground. 64 ounces a day? No problem. I don't drink anything else anymore. I try and go for some hot chocolate or chocolate milk now and again because I feel I need the extra calcium. I'm trying to stay on top of my vitamins because I'm not eating a well rounded meal plan and I'm drinking approx. one slimfast per day as not only one meal replacement but because it too has added vitamins, calcium and protein which my body needs. But one of my biggest problems with dieting ever? WATER. It no longer is an issue. I'm addicted to it. Praise the Lord.

I think it has been my biggest help in the weight loss. Because even on a day when I had reasonable portions of icecream and cheesy grit casserole, I still pulled off a weight loss. But let's not miss what I said: REASONABLE PORTIONS. Yea, I'm kicking ass on that too. When I do eat? I'm being very concious of my portions.

And I'm proud of myself. People are starting to notice too. Family, co-workers etc. have all commented on the difference. The only person who hasn't noticed? My husband. LOL But he's the one seeing me on days like Saturday and constantly trying to force food down my throat because he KNOWS I'm not eating enough to keep a baby bird alive some days.

This too shall pass but I'm taking my lessons learned from it and the good things coming out of it because NOT EATING has never been an issue before..obviously. And I'll be darned if I gain back these hard earned 21 lbs. TWENTY SIX more and I'll have reached one of my long time goals.

So MissBlair: So…did you cheat this week? Or were you good? If you had one cheat meal, what would you choose? (I’m so mean, I know!)

To answer your question: I don't necessarily think I cheated this week. At all. I may not have chosen the best food options but I handled my proportions well and kept my calories under 1200. My one cheat meal? I'm not sure I have one. I've had all kinds of things this week that would probably be considered "cheat" to most people but I was just VERY Careful how much I ate of it.


  1. Not the best situation, but I'm glad you seem to have a positive outlook! That's a big weight loss and I'm sure you're lookin fine! ;)

  2. Wow! That's a HUGE loss! I'm struggling right now... I keep losing two and then gaining them back, it's pretty balls. I'm hoping I can reach my goal in the next 2 weeks (I'm only 4 pounds away!!).
    You sound like you're doing great and I bet you feel great too!

  3. I am very proud of you. I know those first 21 lbs haven't necessarily been the best way, but you are on the right track and I know you will do great with the rest! You are beautiful and wonderful!