Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ode to My Sanity

My temperature stayed the same. No further drop, no continued climb. I guess that means I should buy a pregnancy test. I told DH about the possibility last night. There was a twinkle in his eye. I also, told him if it were negative, I wasn't trying again until the roof issue was solved. There was a deep sigh. He didn't argue with me or try to change my mind. He knows its right too.

It breaks my heart, but we atleast have a plan. A dear friend of mine's husband has offered to take my supply list to someone he knows to see if he can get us better prices on material. If we can pay for the material and do the work ourselves, we might be able to pull it off in a few months if we live really really lean while saving for it. My husband is not happy with that option because he fears he will be doing the entire thing himself and it is a daunting task in that aspect. I know my Dad will be there. I'm scared of heights so the best I can do is cut wood pieces to measurement on the ground and haul up shingles and nails and ofcourse do what I do best: feed everyone.

I'm plotting a giant chicken stew to entice some co-workers and friends to come assist to try and get it finished in a weekend. When I say giant, I mean giant. I have in the barn, a 25 gallon chicken stew pot that you hook a propane tank to for outdoor cooking. The guy who had it, used it professionally for catering outdoor events but found it too small, so my dad built him a new one. The guy gave the 'small' one to my dad. Here in the south, we know how to do a chicken stew. I can feed a small roofing army with 25 gallons of chicken stew, some sour dough bread, and homemade pies. Think it will work?

So, my goal is (depending on cost) to have the money saved by May and get the roof done before it gets to be an outdoor oven on top of my roof (I have no shade trees). (and pray my current roof doesn't leak through the rainy spring). Once that is done, we can begin trying for an early 2011 baby as I can replenish the savings in a few months more of living lean. The summer months aren't that hard to live lean: we have a huge garden with fresh foods and any spare moment we spend in our pool so our reduced food budget due to garden is balanced out by purchasing pool chemicals. What else do we need? Nothing. EAch other, good friends and a sunny day to float in the pool and stare at my pretty new roof (hypothetically).

Now to keep my sanity and stay on track. Wish me luck.


  1. I'm always wishing you luck, so you never have to ask. ::hugs::

    Chicken stew sounds delicious! I'd work for that. When should I be over?

  2. Mrs. S will you pick me up on your way? I'll work for food!

    Good luck, dear Buck! Always <3

  3. K, I am dying to know what's up with your chart...