Saturday, February 20, 2010

subway cures depression

seriously. all I want to eat is subway for the past two weeks. LOVE IT. So despite the fact I've been in there four times already in the past few days, I went back tonight. AGAIN.

I didn't bother to change. Yep, I went in a holy black tank top under a cream baggy sweatshirt over pink capri yoga pants with Pink uggs. Hair in a messy bun and a chanel purse. ROFLMAO

It was a sight. But I dont' care because i have warm subby deliciousness in my tummy and I'm happy about it.

Plus I can procrastinate a tad longer about cleaning up my kitchen! LOL

1 comment:

  1. Krista,
    I am so sorry about the negative test, so glad subway helped. I just totally had a meltdown on my dirty kitchen floor, sobbing and empty. I hope you are doing better and I hope we DO get together one of these days....we are in the same neck of the woods! Take care as always!