Wednesday, February 10, 2010

FF is F'n with me again

I have tentative crosshairs on day 19. Did we have sex? No. Do I think I'm in the 2WW? No.

BUT I'm scheduled to start Clomid when AF arrives. I have it sitting on my counter at home beside the coffee pot glaring at me every morning. So for FF (and my body) to make it appear that I could have ovulated on my own this month (and missed the opportunity to concieve) is cruel and unusual torture.

Likewise, the extreme low back pain and kidney aches that remind me so much of the beginning of my pregnancy with Bumblebee, are just a kick in the teeth when I see those broken crosshairs pop up.

::bangs head on desk::

To top it off, my mini humidifier at work broke so I won't be able to breathe today.

Screw HUMP DAY. I want to go back to bed.

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