Monday, February 15, 2010

McFatty Monday Update

Scones. Sweet, delicious wedges of orange flavored biscuits with a touch of chocolate chips. Ode, to the decadent scones of goodness that abide on my cake plate on my counter. One scone for breakfast daily is my down fall. And yet I made more. Despite the weight hovering on my hips that taunts me, I looked at the pile of oranges slowly going bad because i can't eat them fast enough, and decided to make more.

No matter how much water I drank, nothing I did counted out those scones completely and I'm up two pounds this week. ::whimpers::

I was hoping my constant starvation, my rearing of the sweet tooth, and the bloat were signs of AF but apparently it was just the fat girl taking back over.

So for Blair's questions:
did you do anything new this week?? Maybe get in all your water, or pick up weights for the first time, or try a new recipe?

I don't think I changed anything this week for the better. I've been continuously getting all my water in though and I'm still proud of that. But now I need to get more veggies in and cut out the scones.

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  1. Hey, I just came here via Blair's blog :)
    I do have a suggestion as far as weight loss goes. But it all depends on if it's something you would be willing to do. I would suggest cleansing. I've had AMAZING results with cleansing, and I really think it's the way to get the weight off these days. So many of us are so toxic, and toxins are stored in the fat cells to protect your vital organs, and in so doing, we tend to hold onto fat. Anyway, not sure if it's something you'd WANT to do, but the one I do really isn't that hard, and you're not stuck to the toilette all day like you'd think when you hear the word CLEANSE. It cost's about $3-$5 a meal, which I don't think is too bad since I usually spend WAY more than that per meal :) I've posted more information about it on my blog, since so many people have been asking me about it. Click on the Nutritional Cleanse tab in my nav bar, there you'll find my before and after pics as well.
    Anyway, I do love your blog, and will be following you now. Hope I can offer any kind of support :)