Friday, February 26, 2010

So far, Today's Better

A little. My stomach is killing me but I'm optimistic its the last of whatever was in that sandwich making its way clear and hopefully life will once again return to normal.

I'm going to talk to my GP at Saturday's appointment and see if I can feel more confidant about my life with allergies and maybe get back on some level ground (without feeling like a paranoid hypochondriac that's going to stop breathing at any moment).

Despite the fact that I chickened out of taking the clomid, I'm not going to count this cycle out. The past two have shown thermal shifts and I have lost quite a bit of weight rather fast which can aid in triggering ovulation. So I'm going to move forward this month with the assumption that I WILL ovulate on my own again, and monitor my body closely, use the preconcieve to aid in CM.

I even broke down and bought the VIP version of FF. I KNOW! First time in a year and a half. I took the deal: 90 days for $16.95 plus I earned an extra 30. So 120 days (four months) for 16.95 really isn't a bad deal if it helps me plan a bit better.

Who knows, maybe it was meant to be and I'll succeed on my own which may make me feel a little easier about the pregnancy. Fingers crossed.

And I apologize for being so self absorbed, I haven't really said anything interesting besides ramblings about my pyschosis. I know I lost a few readers and I can imagine I've been pretty boring. For those who have stuck it out: THANK YOU.

My blogs and my chat boards are really my sanity. It allows me to get it out there without stressing my husband out because he's really really trying to understand but I know if I talked about this to him all the time, it would make HIM go insane and I need him sane at the moment. A big thank you to CB for bringing me icecream and being my shoulder to lean on, and to Isha, Rachel, and Steph for being my sounding boards and trying to kick my arse into gear. Sometimes a push in the right direction takes a few shoves to get me there. I'm an Aries, we're stubborn. What do you expect?

Love to ALL my girls, via blog and boards, I love you all.


  1. I am very happy to hear that you are feeling better and optimistic. My fingers will remain crossed for you.

  2. I have been tempted by the VIP version too!! How did you earn an extra 30 days?? I don't know about how to do this!

    Glad you are feeling better and that the clomid temptation didn't get the best of you!

    Hey, everyone keeps telling me our bodies "know" how to be pregnant now...maybe it will be easier the second time...POSITIVE THOUGHTS!!!