Monday, February 8, 2010

McFatty Monday

EDITED NOTED: I lost a pound! so I'm even happier...after all the superbowl food too! (The scales in the shipping department weren't calibrated right this morning so I didn't think I had lost anything..but they recalibrated and I weighed again and I lost a pound!! WOOT.) (and yes I use the shipping scales at work because its digital and so much better than the crappy ones at home.)

Let me preface this post with: "This was a good week for me." I felt so much better this week. Physically. Which means...I consistently ate this week. I TRIED to be good. I TRIED to watch my portions carefully. I had a 1/2 of a softdrink. THAT'S RIGHT. a 1/2! and for anyone who knows me, knows that is equivilent to quitting smoking. (and yes I mean it and can say it with authority, I can say this as an ex-smoker). I am a Mountain Dew Junkie. And Coffee Junkie. It's been a month since I've really had either and even when I feel much better, I have not resorted back to my old ways.
I'm still a WATER JUNKIE! Praise be to God.

On the downside, because I felt better, I also cooked more. And I admit, very few things I play in the kitchen with, are good for you. However, I'm very concious of what is IN MY FOOD now, and make pretty good decisions about how much I can have.

How did this all translate on the scales this week? Plateau. No pounds lost, no pounds gained. Which I am actually happy about. Because as I ate this week, I jumped on the scales a few times and watched the number climb, but it leveled back out. I REALIZE that my massive weight loss is mostly because of being sick. When you lose weight that way, you gain it back (which I did and then relost it). So a plateau when I start eating is super exciting because I'm maintaining the weight loss. Now I need to kick the workouts back in to start dropping again. And other than some spice (and caffiene) I'm not depriving myself of anything. So I think that is GREAT progress in my life.

So for Blair's questions today:

What is your end goal, & where are you measuring it? In pants size? Number on the scale? General feeling? Miles run? Ability to bench press Ol’ Arnold himself? My end goal for now is 26-30 more pounds. I don't want to go too long term because I'm going to TTC again and dieting to lose a lot of weight isn't an option if we are successful. At the point of conception the goal will be to stay healthy and not GAIN more than 15 lbs.

So does skinny feel better than food tastes to you? Or do you have things that you would willingly cart around an extra 5-10lbs if you don’t have to cut them from your repertoire? This is a loaded question. Skinny feels better than fat thats for damn sure but there are some things I doubt I could ever give up: burgers, pasta etc. But moderation definately feels better than fat/food.

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