Monday, February 22, 2010

One thing, then another

On top of, The roof, the Taxes, and the medical bills, the putting off TTC because of the aforementioned items, we now have to contend with my car.

It's dying on me. All day, it was sputtering and stuttering and trying to cut off. I pray its only a fuel filter or bad gas. Because if its a fuel pump or transmission, I'm screwed. And thanks to the roof, the taxes and the medical bills, I no longer have my downpayment for when I trade this piece of shit in.

Cute? Why yes he is. Reliable? I thought so. A good car? I'm starting to question that.

Me thinks the stars are aligned against me. Every time, one brief small shining moment then POOF, its gone, here's a whole pile of manure to dig your way out of. Except one of these days, one small thing added to the pile is going to be too much, and I'll never dig out. I'll just give up.

I'm getting tired of fighting against these constant trials and odds that are stacking up against me. WTF did I do wrong to deserve this?

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