Thursday, February 11, 2010

::Stares at My Chart::

I glared at my thermometer this morning when it cheerly beeped at me as I was bleary eyed. I blinked hard and stared again. 98.3. WHAT? I've never gotten a temp that high...even when pregnant.

I plugged my temp in and now I'm staring at my chart. Because if it were anyone elses' chart I would get probably get excited. However, its mine and it can't possibly be right.

I had HORRIBLE stabbing pains in my left lower side since yesterday. You would swear they are ovulation pains or another cist rupturing. According to my chart and temps, I've already ovulated though, which is hard enough to believe in and of itself.

To top it off, I didn't track our sexual activity this month and I have to admit, its been rather sparse. We've been too exhausted to do much. And 9 or 10 days ago? I can't tell you if we had sex or not.

This is confusing, mystifying and crazy all at the same time. I feel that AF is on her way and the crazy back pains and lower cramps are her preparing to be a royal bitch. But that chart. It almost looks like a normal girl's chart!

::cries silently::


  1. I have hope for you! But I understand not wanting to get too excited. So I'll just chant poas very quietly :)

  2. chanting poas, very quietly too!

    hey~i nominated you for a beautiful blogger award, check it out on my page:

  3. Your temps are looking much more consistent. Mine are still fluctuating like crazy! I will keep my fingers crossed for you like always.