Monday, February 8, 2010


Here in NC, we have had quite a hard winter. We don't get those very often but we have been getting repeatedly traumatized with snow, freezing rain, and cold temperatures week after week. I KNOW many of you get WAY more than what we've been dealing with but darn it people, I live in the south for a reason! Besides the fact, that my family was among the first settlers (and natives!) and my butt is rooted here in tradition I LOVE living here where our climate is mild but we still experience ALL the seasons for a decent length of time.

Winter, we've experienced you for several weeks now. You are welcome to depart ANY TIME NOW!

My quaint little brick ranch:

My sweet Scarlett trying to climb my legs to get out of the snow:

Our Barn (now empty of horses) buried in a sea of snow:

Our driveway: (It took us a few days to dig my little mustang out!)

The steps going 'UP' to our inground pool: (I thought with the sun shining down this looked very heavenly and ethereal...just me?)

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