Monday, January 4, 2010

Blair's McFatty Monday

So, my chart is sucktastic and we aren't TTC quite yet. The whole "not preventing is TTC" thing does not apply to me as I am once again NOT OVULATING so we can not prevent all we want and unless a miracle happens, we aren't getting pregnant. Therefore, I don't have a lot to talk about.

I've been taking the enforced break and recovery period to really ramp up my love for all things food. I have learned that I actually eat better when I cook all the time. I watch my proportions more and I'm not eating processed crap that clings to my ass. That doesn't mean I eat GREAT though because I do have a penchant for baking. I have an entire blog dedicated to food people. So I mean business when it comes to food, but it has helped me focus and direct my emotions etc. Kept me busy if you know what I mean.

However, it is a new year and a new me. This is the year, I'm hoping I achieve my dreams of becoming a mother and in doing that I would like to take the next two cycles to lose some weight and get in shape because I have to watch how much weight I gain while pregnant. NO IFs, ands or BUTS!

My girl Blair over at Heir to Blair has started McFatty Mondays. I read it, sympathized with her, and then thought, "well hell, I might as well join and post my adventures here as it is all relative to future baby." Plus I can't resist when blogs obnoxiously tell me what to do. *wink* So here we go.

The mission, should we choose to accept it: "Talk about your goals, your hopes, your frustrations, your ENTIRE REASON FOR DOING THIS. Maybe you have 5 lbs. Maybe you have 50 (like me). Maybe you have 500 (you’re my hero!). How are you planning on losing the weight? How much are you doing? Or are you just toning up without weight issues? Are you a fitness guru that has tips of the trade? Do you have any great recipes? Write it out."

My goals are to lose 10-20lbs up until my next BFP and then maintain my weight with minimal gain for optimum baby carrying/health. I want to be a healthier MOM that has good habits and lifestyle to pass on to my children.

I'm planning on eating healthy and trying to create a workout routine that is simple and easy to maintain (Treadmill plus 30 day shred with some Belly Dancing and Yoga thrown in for fun). I have fabulous recipes and I'm going to focus on cooking light and healthy and blogging that out. (I know shameless plug for my other blog, so sue me.)

I have a lot more to lose but if I were to go all out on a weight loss rampage I would have to put off TTC forever and I'm not willing to do that, so lets work with what we have, mmkay?

BTW: This post will self destruct in 5.......4.......3.......2.......


  1. You can do it!! You'll be great!

  2. I cannot wait to see what you accomplish! Let's do this!

    BTW: your final line today got the Inspector Gadget theme song stuck in my head "do da do da do, Inspector Gadget!" lol

  3. Yay! We will all do it together!