Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Southern Momma to the Rescue!

I'm feeling better. Thoughts of food no longer makes me want to hurl. Smells no longer waft pass my nose passing me by like the much needed oxygen. I no longer fear to leave a room without an inhaler in my pocket and the sight of pork does not send me cowering in a closet with an EPI pen clutched to my breast.

To top it off my Momma came out of yonder Mountains and made me her Southern Ghoulash! SQUEEEEE. Elbow macaroni dripping with cheesy tomato goodness. I hovered over a bowl like a dog over a bone, shoveling spoonfulls into my mouth like I hadn't eaten in a week. (oh wait, that's right, I haven't!-9 lbs lost in less than 5 days, I think I'll be fine even if I left my dignity at the front door.) I think I may have even licked the bowl when Mom and Dad weren't looking! (I did manage to stop at one bowl though because I knew my poor stomach would make me pay later after introducing food back into it).

She even left me fresh carrot salad for breakfast and a dozen farm fresh eggs ( I see baking in my weekend future).

So dear brave souls who have patiently waited for my medical comeback, the blog is on the mend and this weekend I will even post a recipe to Momma's Southern Ghoulash (as I paid close attention while she made it-but don't be surpised as I'm still guessing since she doesn't measure a darn thing in true southern momma fashion!).

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