Tuesday, January 19, 2010

McSkinny Update

Yep, I used the word skinny. Who knew? LOL I've lost 5 more pounds since last week. That is a total of 14 pounds in two weeks. whoohooo! I credit the last five pounds as all me because I've been very careful what I eat. (okay two of them can be credited to Friday nights pukefest but 3 of them atleast are mine!)

The key to my success? Get sick and NO ONE can figure out what's wrong with you. That's right, the allergist couldn't even find what's wrong with me. Allergic to pork? Not according to a scratch test, poke test and a blood panel. FML.

So every medical professionals best advice? Carry an EPI pen, liquid benedryl and your insurance card. Great, thanks, thats ever so helpful.

The other good news is my breathing test today, my levels were over 100% so I'm definately on the up and up. I guess I'll just keep being careful and monitoring what I eat and never stray too far from my EPI pen. Although it will probably be quite a long time before I venture into pork again.

Before I strayed down this sickly path, I was on target to pay down medical bills and gearing up to TTC #2. Yep, that's right. DH and I discussed and Next cycle I think will be back on track. I've got to call the DR. and get my Clomid called in but I think its time. I THINK I'm ready. I know DH is.

So hopefully my blog is fixing to get active again with something Ya'll actually want to hear about.

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  1. Wow! 14 pounds in 2 weeks?! Dude, I'm sorry you were sick (that part sucks), but the weight loss kicks ass, you go girl!
    I always thought you were a babe, but I bet you look super hot now (that's not supposed to be creepy lol). :P