Sunday, May 2, 2010

Camera to Computer Problems

So all those pictures of my garden and recipes I've been promising? Yea, we are having camera to computer problems. As in the computer will not read the camera.

You would think, being married to a computer nerd guru, this would be fixed immediately. Not so much. He's too busy with classes and studying programming stuff to bother with my pitiful little camera issues. (Kind of like how he's good at electrical stuff but it's been almost four years without a light in my master closet because he never has the time to fix it? Yea, one of those things.)

So until he takes a break (either for himself or a semester break) I'm at a loss to get my pictures to you. So please bare with me. Rather than take a blog hiatus I am going to continue to post the recipes and garden updates sans pictures. When we get this technical issue fixed, I will let you know so if you are interested in going back to look at pictures you can!

Thanks so much!

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