Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On the wings of Buzzards...

the red bitch flies. She arrives heralded by piercing, shrieking (oh wait, that may have been me) bastards that rip apart your uterus with their beak and cackle and laugh while doing so. Atleast that is what it feels like.

In the wee hours of the morning, I was awoken as the red lady sang. It's been awhile since I've had an overly painful period. In all fairness, these cramps are not nearly as bad as some I've had when passing clots, but they do make it highly uncomfortable for me, especially in the sitting position. They are in my back as well as my stomach so that may be the reason. Just to make it a little more uncomfortable I have the lovely poops on top of it...and did I mention I'm peeing every 10 minutes? Needless to say, I called in sick to work. Considering I was on the toilet for a solid hour and a half (way past the time I should have been at work) this was a good decision, I'm sure.

Well, now we know where those four pounds yesterday came from. I think I've lost it already today! I've downed a bit too much medication and its only taken the edge off my cramps but I'll take it. I've decided since I'm home and it hurts to sit down for too long a time (so you can imagine how painful being on the toilet is) I'll clean my house and atleast if I'm not earning money I can have a productive day at home. There's always a bright spot right? Beware laundry monster, I'm in no mood for your shananigans. You will succomb to the Clomid Queen and her faithful if annoying sidekick Aunt Flo (who has a really pisspoor attitude). You have been warned you dirty textiles.


  1. I want to punch your ute, AF and the cramps! So sorry sweetie.

    I literally yelled out curse words when I saw this.

  2. this post made me laugh ~ we def have the same sense of humor! You are a trip!

    In other thoughts~FU to AF!!