Monday, May 10, 2010

McFatty Monday-Emotional Eating

This has been a hard week. Really hard emotionally. Really hard financially. Really hard period. Wednesday was my original EDD. I ate a LARGE bowl of chocolate icecream for dinner. YES. I ate my emotions. Literally. I’m pretty sure I ingested my own tears as they fell on my spoon on its way to my mouth.
Despite that, I was down to my lowest ewight in over 6 years on Friday. (I always check my weight on Friday even though “official” weigh in is Monday. ) I trotted off in a good mood to meet girlfriends for a road trip to meet Pioneer Woman.
With the craptastic timing of all inanimate objects, my car died en route. DEAD. I was in the grocery store parking lot (to pick up ice for the cooler) and had the gas peddle to the floor. No movement. Engine purring along happily. It would go in reverse. Holy hell, I can not drive home in reverse. (Well I could, but its not legal). AND OMG please don’t let my transmission be blown! Fortunately the Xpress Lube where I just had the oil changed is in the next building so I hot footed it through the parking lot, handed my keys to the first mechanic that walked out and said “my car is over there (points dramatically), go fix it.”
To attempt to make a long story (over 4 hours) somewhat short- It was the APP Sensor. Don’t know what that is? Barely anyone else did either. Pressure Pedal Sensor. It disengages the gas peddle when something is wrong. Supposedly they NEVER go bad, but mine did. It malfunctioned. No one stocks the parts so Mitsubishi would have to order it. Est. Arrival. NEXT WEDNESDAY.
After figuring out prices, towing options, etc. it was too late to try the drive to Charlotte. My stupid cartastrophe kept THREE OF US from PW. I was so upset I was in tears. I had been planning this trip for a month! We ate out at Outback. (more feelings in my mouth people).
Mother’s Day brought its own horrid emotions. From a baby dedication at the church to Mother’s Day cards acknowledging me as a Mother by my sister, mom, Isha and other friends (which I cried over while weeding my garden. No need to use a sprinkler, I’m pretty sure my cucumbers had plenty from me, thanks).
On top of all this there was a fight with DH over the vehicle issues and money (we had just bought a riding lawnmower and he needed computer stuff for school so the budget was insanely tight BEFORE car issues), me stressing over all the housework, gardening etc.
It was a VERY hard few days. So how is all this rambling excuse of a weekend effecting my weight? HORRIBLE.
FRIDAY: I was down 45 pounds.
Today/MONDAY: I’m up 4 lbs (to that pesky plateau mark) so only down 41lbs.

I was devastated. I skipped eating Hummingbird Cupcakes with Pineapple Flowers you bastards (my body) and gardened all day and you have the NERVE to gain 4 pounds AND make me constipated AGAIN? You are hereby FIRED.

This week SUCKS. Sorry Blair, I think our bodies may be teaming up against us for once, which may have been okay if we had atleast gotten to hang out Friday, but NO, my car AND my body are against me.

PS. Right before Xpress Lube closed, they called and said they had my car working. The one guy had worked on that sensor for three hours (while on the phone with Mistubishi) b/c it made him mad and he fixed it. We have the car and for now, it is working again. Praise the lord for persistent kind-hearted mechanics! (I have to give mad props to both my boys at Xpress Lube and the techs at Mitsubishi for aiding and assisting via phone!)

So Fess Up. What do you dive into when you emotional eat? How long do you do it or is it over after one bad choice?


  1. Pasta. Always, always pasta. Or Coldstone.
    My food life is a bad choice lmao. It's never going to go away.

  2. After my BFN on Saturday we went out with friends. That can never be good, right? Well I did okay with dinner (only a tiny bit of potato salad) but dessert?? Yeah, when you sweet girlfriend makes you Ghirardelli Turtle Brownies with caramel toffee ice cream what is a girl to do!? I did share with J, but still. Up two lbs this week.

    I love your texts by the way. You're beautiful!

  3. In any weight loss endeavor, it's important to remember that the brain has two primary directives–pleasure seeking and survival. From childhood we have learned to associate food with both. Associated with pleasure are what most call good emotions–happiness, joy, elation and so on. Associated with survival are what most call bad emotions–frustration, boredom, confusion, anger, depression and so on.

    Unfortunately most programs to lose weight or deal with binging focus on food and forget the emotional programming.

    Focusing on what you do or do not eat to control or lose weight is like trying to fly by flapping your arms. Better to focus on the stress of the emotion whether it be frustration, happiness, upset, anger, joy and learn to take it straight rather than diluting with food.

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  4. wow..what interesting spam I get! Thanks dude.