Monday, May 3, 2010

McFatty Monday: The return of the Plateau

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS BLAIR on your NutriSystem endorsement. I'm so proud of you for all your blog success and weightloss success. I wish you only the best of luck and continued success in your endeavors. And you look hot in those Sevens.

However, having said all that, you and I need to get this plateau swapping pattern to hit the road. You are on a plateau, I'm losing. I find your plateau and you lose again. It's getting ridiculous. ;) I've hit a plateau AGAIN. Granted it's three pounds less than my last one but it also means I've only lost 3 pounds in the past month. I know, its better than gaining but still. I'm over this carrot dangling and teasing me on this elusive goal. I'm SO Close yet so far away.

I have been doing a lot of research lately on diet and PCOS though. And my one vice that I have not kicked is CARBS. The enemy of PCOS. So over the next few weeks I'm working on trading out my precious carbs comfort foods to better choices and whole wheat options. I will also be posting the research I've found and trying to connect with other's who are changing their diets due to PCOS. Hopefully, that will help budge this plateau!

This week I do have a menu full of healthy options and the garden is starting to yield as well as more variety at the farmer's market so I foresee better eating to come and a reduction in weightloss. I also foresee me using the pool more this summer. That is one of my goals. I'm not a lone swimmer by any means, so if anyone wants to join me, give me a shout. We'll whip up some healthy foods from the garden and make a day of it lounging and swimming in the pool. Who knows, we could get a group together and do water aerobics on the weekend. I'm always game for company and pool parties!

Blair's McFatty monday questiosn:
What do you do in emergencies? Or on the road? Do you have a plan to stick “as close” to your diet, or just decide to go balls-out with a Big Mac?
When I'm out with friends at resteraunts I try to drink A LOT of water to maintain a full feeling. Due to my recent allergy issues that seem to flair up with certain foods (and not consistent to particular foods) I tend to be timid about eating out at all now a days so I have my "safe" foods that I stick to. Subway Oven Roasted chicken on Wheat is my main source of fast food/emergency fare. Surprisingly Taco Bell: Bean Burrito with cheese (no sauce) and sour cream. And if all else fails: Hardees Frisco Burger. (Sour dough bread digests differently then other types of bread so its better for you despite the high fat). If I go this route, I cut the burger in half and save half for later so I don't consume the disgusting amount of calories at one time. A half of burger is enough to fill me up without fries or anything else. The only reason I do not go towards salads is because i'm timid of the prepackaged dressings and honestly, I'm not a rabbit. I don't do well with PLAIN lettuce! I try my best to package me up some items I'm comfortable with for the road. I know that won't always be possible but for now, I never leave home without my water bottles. I figure I can survive on water alone for a day or two. *wink*


  1. Good luck with managing your carbs. I can't wait to compare notes!

  2. I had a month long plateau that really rocked my motivation. It made me want to give up SO bad - but I didn't! Hang in there! If I can do it (I have the will power of... Someone with NO will power) - So can you!

  3. You are my plateau nemesis.


    Let's both lose this week & thumb our noses as plateaus. We don't live out in a desert, honey child.