Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just to get it out

So today is a hard day and it doesn't have that much to do with me. I'm not my normal happy self though I'm not a debbie downer either. I'm just uncomfortable. I'm having a lot of back pain but I'm dealing. Afterall, any day make it work WITH makeup, showered, and jewelry on then I most likely can make it through. LOL

No today is hard because my mind is in so many places. My mind is on my friends who are struggling today. One is in pain with a bad cycle and an elusive AF being heralded by cramps from hell. Another is experiencing what no woman should ever have to: a D & C for a baby who just couldn't make it. Another is holding her hand and being brave and strong for her. And yet another is spotting after experiencing IF for so long at 10 weeks.

My heart is breaking for everyone of them. I'm trying to focus on them and send positive energy out into the world today but there are so many directions, I keep jumping back and forth. This isn't about me. This is about how many people suffer at any given time with their own battles that so many other things (like someone complaining because they are behind on their bills and might have things turned off by the companies) just seem so unimportant. I want to shake someone and I want to scream. I want to cry for everyone.

There really is no point to this. I don't even have eloquent words to express myself. Today, I just am, and hoping they have what they need to get through these trying times. May the lord be with you all today.


  1. Buckin- I want you to know I think about you a lot (not in a stalkerish way lol) and pray for you and the health of your baby. I hope this one is it! I lurk and rarely post on TB and have always followed your story and blog and want you to know I am rooting for you this time! I can't wait to see pics of Baby Buck later on down the road!

  2. Thank you Buckin. I know we don't talk much so you thinking of me, and hurting for me and Rory and my husband means such much.

    I want you to know, like the pp, I think about you and your baby often. Everyone's pain hits me incredibly deep now and you just ought to know you're on my mind as I'm on yours.