Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Butt what..

I think my Prentals may truly be miracle pills. Every other day I am racked by a stomach ache. From the gut gurgling pain you would expect constipation and while there is often a considerable amount of pushing and vomit inducing gorans of pain, the consistency stays on the softer side and once started usually exits with some ease. Were it not for these brown horse pills, I'm pretty sure I would be screaming for an enima by now.

I distinctly remember my first bout of pregnancy induced constipation. It was miserable. I have been very lucky thus far in that these pills seem to be preventing the scales tipping over into hardcore realm of constipation.

I must thank my new insurance here. Last year, I loved teh sample of PreNexa so much I tried to fill the prescription to the tune of $200.00 per month. Apparently, Blue Cross and Blue Shield has something against pregnant women having comfortable bowels.

This time, with the new insurance it is only $35.00 per month. Much more reasonable and budget friendly. So I am in a $35.00 per month prenatal pill bliss with happy bowels and butt.

I'm sure you wanted to know all that.

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