Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hurricane Season-HLB

For some reason, we apparently have a bug fetish in our house (which is pretty odd considering I despise insects). When we found out we were pregnant this time, DH and I started dreaming about STUFF again. Surprisingly we were drawn to all the ladybug bedding. We looked at boy stuff but every time either of us came across a ladybug pattern we immediately became all soft and gooey. (and we had always planned to do a girl’s nursery in fairies!)

After our sonogram that found the sac in the right place, my mother (who knew nothing of our ladybug fetish) said the sonogram looked like a ladybug. So I started with the nickname Ladybug (even though I feel bad if it turns out to be a boy sticking him with a ladybug nickname in the womb. LOL). DH’s Dad called after seeing the sonogram and said it looked like a Hurricane…which it does.

Thus HLB (Hurricane Ladybug) came into existence. I consider it kind of fitting that DH and I are taking a short vacation (if you can call visiting the in-laws a vacation) to the coast with two hurricanes coming in this weekend! It’s been well over a year and a half since we have been anywhere. Of COURSE, hurricanes have to threaten the coast EXACTLY where we are headed. Fortunately, the first one should hit Thursday night/Friday morning if it comes ashore at all and we won’t be down there till Friday evening. The second one is not predicted to be very strong but may come in Sunday night/Monday. Due to our high pressure systems, they are predicting they will hook out into the ocean like Hurricane Danielle did but Earl (what a redneck hurricane name) may graze us.

We are keeping an eye on them. We would never put our baby in harms way even if we are both accustomed to hurricanes having been through a few ourselves. I just find it completely ironic that we are heading into them with another little hurricane in tow!

I am planning to do very little except sofa surf. DH has several home repair projects to complete for his parents but I’m taking a good book, a bathing suit and my cuddly dogs. I plan on sitting on the beach, visiting my nephews and seeing my SIL’s new house. That’s about it.

What are your plans for the upcoming Labor Day weekend (or regular weekend for you Canadians!)?


  1. We Canadians get a long weekend too, We just spell it Labour Day instead of Labor Day. My theory is that the extra u makes it classier :P
    DH wants to go camping for the long weekend, but I would rather just stay home and work on crafts.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. We get the long weekend too!!
    My plans include: working. BOOOO

    Hope you have a great weekend