Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pee'sd to be Southern

Being a Southern Girl requires a certain palate (and if you say you don’t like these things then you are not southern so quit pretending to be) and responsibility to foods. Grits, fried chicken, sweet tea and collard greens are mandatory likes.

That old adage about too much of a good thing? Never true when it comes to the Southern Four…unless you are pregnant.

During this pregnancy I’ve had an intimate relationship with collard greens. INTIMATE. Not a constipation issue in sight either. Not surprising right?

I think I finally found the limit of collard greens though. Asparagus pee has nothing on Collard green pee except the smell. Asparagus pee is pungent but collard green pee mixed with pregnancy hormones: a delightful sensory experience in a bathroom of baking cornbread and fried collards in a warm kitchen on a cold day.

Not exactly the experience and smell you expect when taking a whiz in a work bathroom where diesel fumes are usually the most prevalent smell assaulting your nose. It was a singularly very disconcerting experience.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving though, so I am flushing my system with extra water (anything above 100 ounces a day is extra right?) so that I can eat more collard greens tomorrow. I’m a glutton for punishment.

I can, however, rest assured tonight, that I’m baking a truly Southern Boy who will love him some down home cooking like fried greens and cornbread. I’m giving myself an A so far for being a proper Southern Mom and teaching my boy the joys of being from the grand ole South. ::wink::

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  1. "baking a truly Southern boy". Love it. And you!