Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Power of My Vote

Today is VOTING day in America. Every election is important and we should always exercise our right to vote. I’m not trying to get all political on my blog even though I am a very political person. However, I think it’s important to bring attention to this day just as we would a holiday or other important day in our history and daily lives. Every November 2nd, history is made somehow even if it’s not widely known to the masses. Each person, even in the lowliest of offices has the potential to change other’s lives in ways unforeseen (or foreseen). Whether its good, bad, logical or emotional, people across this great nation are inserting their political opinions and taking stands today at the polls.

This is a great honor that we can do this even when we don’t agree with how the vote goes. People by nature do not always agree with each other. That’s the beauty of humanity. We try things, we see if they work and when they don’t we have opportunity to change them. Sometimes one group of people has the advantage and other times another group does. It balances the desires and wants of all people by creating a natural checks and balances. One president and his congress may focus on some issues dear to their side, while other issues go unaddressed. When change happens, the direction focuses and appeases another group.

Some people align themselves through their hearts, through their dreams and desires, through their wallets, their religions, their ideals. There isn’t necessarily a right way because there are so many issues concerned.

I vote for the way that is best for the future of my children and the prosperity and safety of my country in a world riddled with war, hatred, and economic unease. The important thing is that you vote. You stand up for what you believe and you make educated guesses by looking at what people stand for. You don’t rely on heresay and political ads but look behind the scene at voting records, platforms and resumes. Do a little work yourselves and teach your children to do the same for more educated voters. This is our legacy that we leave to them.

The power to think freely and choose people that best represent the direction of their country and their future. Our choices are not always good, but it is still a choice.

So today, think about these precious lives we carry or will carry or have carried. What will you do today that will benefit them tomorrow? What will we as a nation leave for them? Today, HLB goes to the polls and is very much a part of my vote. I hope it will be the first of many trips to the polls during his/her lifetime.

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