Wednesday, November 3, 2010

19 weeks

How far along?19 weeks
Total weight gain: 9 pounds (Yep, that's 7lbs in one week. I blame the Holiday party foods of chicken stew (with real cream) cake etc.)
Maternity clothes? No. I did however purchase several items through ebay and am waiting on them to arrive. Probably not a moment too soon as my pants are getting tight in the waist and my clothes, while still fitting look awkward.
Sleep: When I do sleep, its very heavy and I wake up stiff and sore. I'm just not getting quite enough still.
Best moment this week: Ordering maternity clothes.
Gender: Leaning towards boy.
Craving: Nothing really
Movement: I've felt a few wierd thumps once or twice.
Labor Signs: No.
Belly Button in or out? Still In.
What I miss: My waist. LOL
What I am looking forward to: The ANATOMY SCAN ON TUESDAY!
Milestones: Needing maternity clothes?


  1. 19 weeks???? ::rubs eyes:: Yes, it IS 19 weeks!

    You look amazing, girl!

  2. 19 weeks! WOOT WOOT

    Seriously, is it Tuesday yet?????? What time will you be posting an update?? I don't know that I will have a lot of PC access and I am in a NEED to know position! I might be Facebook staking you from my blackberry!!!

    (can you tell I am excited?)

  3. Our appt isn't until late afternoon and DH and I are going to BRU after wards so it may be Wednesday at lunch when I update.

  4. OMG - I cannot believe it!

    #1 - you are already 19 weeks and there is less than a week for the anatomy scan!

    #2 - you are a HOT mama!

    Love you and I cannot wait to hear if it is a boy or girl! Text me?? Yes, I'm impatient!