Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thanksgiving-OCD style

I already have my Thanksgiving Menu planned out in detail. What I’m going to have made the night before as the travelers filter in, and what will be pre-made for breakfast as people wake up for the day, what I am making from scratch and what I’m giving in and doing from a box/can, who is peeling/chopping and who will be my assistant in the kitchen against their will!

I even have it down to chores performed on what day to prepare for the guests arriving and setting out serving dishes and the table days before.

You see, I am an OCD detail oriented perfectionist. I like lists and precise time frames and plans down to the minutest of details. As the hostess of Thanksgiving (and any other party), I run my house and preparations like a military event. I make the military look like an unorganized Boy Scout troupe actually (ask my In-laws who are all military- I drive them insane with my perfectionism).

Add to my insanity the fact that I go a little nutty over the Holidays and you have one normally giant stress ball. Since this stress ball also has nesting and pregnancy hormones I am stretching out the planning and prep over two weeks instead of ½ of a week and enlisting the involuntary help of my husband for it.

My accommodating sister-in-law has no idea that she is going to be enforced labor as my souse chef.

I’m pretty sure, all of my readers will think I’ve lost my mind, but I think it’s ingenious that I’ve figured out a way to have my Thanksgiving perfect (otherwise I would be MORE stressed out that everything wasn’t done properly) without killing myself in the process! It’s a totally perfect plan! (said in my best Elle Woods voice).

Nothing (and I repeat nothing) will get in the way of my morning which consists of absolute quiet while HLB and I snuggle with the pups over a cup of coffee and the Thanksgiving day parade before people wake up and stir around. (My Husband and his family are notorious for sleeping till mid morning at any opportunity-my mother-in-law is about the only one who will venture forth and she is satisfied to watch tv with me with a pup in her lap and a cup of coffee as well. In THAT respect, we jive perfectly).

Mid morning I will pop the turkey in the roaster and give orders for the peeling and chopping that my husband is going to do and will follow that with an afternoon in my kitchen, an evening gathered around the table followed by mapping out our Black Friday attack plan and a movie or game! Catch a few hours of sleep and it’s off to begin the madhouse of Christmas shopping, home for a lazy afternoon of leftovers and TV marathons. Saturday will bring a day of dragging out Christmas decorations and wrapping paper to transform my house into a festive holiday sanctuary that I will enjoy for a full month while dreaming of nursery decorations.

TWO more weeks until this all transpires, but for today, I get to think about it between pushing around paperwork until my journey begins to the Dr’s office for the EVENT OF the SEASON and my LIFE up unto this point! Thanksgiving smanksgiving. HLB what are you baby?!

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  1. waiting for an update!!! You have got to have had the u/s by now or SOON!! Off to stalk you on FB!