Thursday, April 8, 2010

As you can see

from my chart, I got on board with the baby train this month, non-medicated of course. I'm trying really hard to push the anxiety away and go with it and deal with my fears. I thought, despite the early O date, that we were going to catch it this time, but a temp dip tells me otherwise.

So maybe I haven't ovulated yet (or maybe I won't this month and I'm dreaming that my body will continue to operate) and the past few days of extremely painful sex will be for nothing.

Maybe its also true that my vag and sore cervix is now whimpering at the mere thought of having to continue with sex for a true O. (Yep, definately true.)

And maybe, just maybe, I'm almost willing to go with my husbands idea of "We've attacked it with sperm from one end, maybe we should try it from the other." *raised eyebrown and devilish smile from him* (Yea, okay, maybe not. Nice try honey).

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  1. LOL your DH is hilarious, I can see my husband saying the same thing!