Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Big Garden

Since I briefly introduced the newest gardening adventure this week, its time to show the tranformation. (and frankly, this has been consuming my life lately and my cooking/posting has suffered but we are almost done with the worst time consuming part --I'm deluding myself right now, work with me.)

As you read in the previous post this piece of our property was part of our horse pasture and has recieved quite a lot of manure over the past several years along with a lot of trampling so we have fertile hard packed dirt (and a lot of crab grass).

Since I do not have my beautiful horses to stare at anymore, I wanted to try and go larger scale on my gardening efforts so I could can more and feed more people (elderly neighbors etc.). So with the help of my parents and the loan of my neighbor's (Uncle Bill) tractor we begin the process of turning this fallow filed into a thriving garden again (the way I remember it from my childhood).

Here are the beginning stages to what we call "The BIG Garden": plowing the field to break it up-letting it freeze to kill grass roots. Will bring you more pictures soon (as they are still on the camera and we are finishing the planting today!).

My Dad (isn't he the cutest thing?)

Cutting the field:

Freezing the cut field: (thank you weather for cooperating!)


  1. WOW!! Can't wait to see how it turns out! I am so excited about my garden, can't imagine the size you have! You will be able to feed the town!!

  2. Yeah, that freezing weather is really needed for gardens and yard work! And, your dad is adorable, too. Will wait patiently for updates. Come visit when you can.

  3. would love to have that much land to work...Great blog...
    you may enjoy my son's blog on gardening.....
    we have only a small space...but he grows a lot in it...