Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Walk on the Crunchy Path: Part II

After a really bad 2009, I was really hoping for a good 2010. My hopes were high. I should have known better. 2010 started out with an explosion of unhealthy proportions...literally. Something happened to change my relationship with food and start me down the crunchy path.

January 5th, I made Sausage and Pepper Risotto. Approx. 45 minuts later I was in full blown panic as my throat was scratchy and tight, it was increasingly difficult to breathe, lips were numb, tongue felt swollen even after taking four benedryl and throwing up multiple times. With a red face and chest that felt like it was on fire, we headed to the emergency room.

I was given epinephrin, rehydrated, given steroids and monitored. Finally, in a dazed stupor I was released. For weeks I experienced scary episodes and lung/chest pain. I endured allergy tests, CT scans, meds, pokes, prods and treatments. I racked up quite a lovely medical debt despite insurance.

I became afraid to eat. I was tormented and panicked at the thought of putting food in my mouth. I lost 15 lbs in less than two weeks.

As I redeveloped my relationship with food, things changed. I started relying on fresh, local products, steering away from packaged items with things I couldn't pronounce. I introduced things into my system in their simplest forms without multiple ingredients in case I reacted so I could more clearly pinpoint what I could and could not eaten. My body was in turmoil and my stress and anxiety did not help.

I used smaller portions in case I racted so there wouldn't be as much of the "poison" in my system. Weeks were spent living in fear that I would die because of something I put in my mouth and no one could pin point exactly what the triggers were but they are more frequent with varying degrees of severeness. Some days I wouldn't eat at all. My husband would often remind me to eat and I would still refuse. Weight started falling off and I became fairly obsessed with it.

To be Continued...

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  1. I'm so sorry but your new approach is right. Hope you discover the culprits, soon.