Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Last night I got really nervous about testing today. So this morning when I took my temp and it shot up, i just KNEW I would see a positive. WRONG. Clearest BFN you've ever seen.

I was so disgusted. My DH has been so good this week. My old dog tore the CCL in her knee and can't really walk (she has arthtritis in her hips) and DH has been getting up early every morning to carry her outside and he carries her in and out three times a day despite his hectic work and school schedule.

This morning after the BFN he asked about my temp and aske what the percentage was for positive tests at this DPO. He says "we're still in the game, don't get discouraged yet, its not over then". I get that, I do and I want to still believe because my chart is pretty as a picture, but I just don't have much faith.

A girl on the bump got a BFP yesterday. She "thinks" she ovulated on the 10th, which is a day after me and she's on a 40 day cycle. Now granted, she doesn't chart so she doesn't KNOW so she could be a week offbase and her body has nothing to do with mine but its still discouraging. Everyone who was testing with me this week got BFN's and I'm just so down trodden today.


I guess my body feels bad with screwing with my head though because randomly I jumped on the scales this morning and was shocked to see I had lost TWO more pounds. WTF. That's FIVE pounds in three days. (My ass really WAS CLOGGED! LOL)So I've lost 43 pounds since Jan. 1st. I'm 4 pounds away from my first goal now! Atleast that's exciting right?



    I am sorry about the BFN! I am still holding out hope for you until AF shows!

    msg me if you want to talk. ((((((hugs))))))

  2. Sorry about the BFN, I hate this club.

  3. I'm sorry about the BFN... I know how hard it is to keep thinking positively in the face of all the bullshit your ute throws at you :(. I'm still sending all the positive vibes I can though, it isn't over until the AF bitch sings.

    By the way... 43 pounds?! OMG, that is AMAZING. I want piiiiiiictures!