Monday, April 12, 2010

McFatty Monday

Once again, the scale didn't move. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to complain too much since it didn't go up either. And its not all together a bad thing because I wasn't exactly a good girl this week.

Granted I busted my tail every day when I get home dragging hoses, and moving sprinklers, pulling weeds, watering plants and garden, cleaning etc. After all that, there's not enough time to exercise before I crash. It's hard enough keeping up with the land in the spring much less doing it on top of mad allergies thanks to insane pollen counts.

It was also my birthday and i made cupcakes. I had ONE the night of my birthday and one the next day. I gave the rest away. then this past weekend I made MORE cupcakes. Cheeseburger Cupcakes! These were for my Nephew's Birthday party and were a huge hit! I didn't eat one. Talk about will power. I can't lie though, I did keep licking my fingers while making them AND ate a few of the brownie scraps when I cut them out! LOL

Yesterday I grilled steaks on my brand spanking new lustworthy grill DH gave me for my birthday. I also grilled sweet potatoes and corn on the cob (with butter!) I didn't eat. Mostly because half my throat is insanely swollen from sinus drainage and I didn't want to swallow. LOL

All of that on top of an insanely busy on-the-go weekend and I didn't lose anything. All the activity only combatted the few treats I allowed myself. That sucks kinda. But is also a good thing. I know I can maintain my lifestyle and allow myself some treats...I just can't LOSE and allow myself some treats! LOL

This week: I'm determined to break this plateau darn it! Even if its just by one pound! But don't count on any videos of me doing anything. I'm not that brave Blair. Congrats on your OWN rockin' hot bod though! Good girl! YOU ARE AWESOME!


  1. You must shared these cheeseburger cupcakes. ::drool::

  2. Those cheeseburger cupcakes are awesome!! I think you did great avoiding all of those temptations, good job!

  3. You have the willpower of steel. I need that, please.