Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You MUST be kidding me

Constipated...AGAIN? Same day of the damn week? Are you SERIOUS?

I have had a traumatic evening. My first born, my lovely Ms. Tedda, 13yo Chow/shepherd mix that I have had since she was a pup and I was 19yo, went running down our front steps last night and fell. It was awful. I thought she broke her hip. I finally managed to get her in my car (I had to pull the car up next to her and lift her into it) and to the ER-VET.

They think she ripped her CCL (equivilent to our ACL in our knee) but its compounded by the limited arthritic movement of her hips. she may have a fracture as well. They gave me pain meds for her and told me to limit her mobility at all times and if it doen't get any better, go back in for more indepth exam and xrays. Only real fix is surgery and they aren't sure she would be a good candidate for it due to her age and arthritis.

So a sleepless night, I'm exhausted and barely functioning. DH has to CARRY her out to the yard because we have steps in and out of the house. She just lays down. She doesn't move, she doesn't use the bathroom. This morning she didn't eat or take a treat.

You can see why dealing with more constipation is beyond me at the moment. I just can't deal with my own body and my sweet fluffy girls too. Do you hear me intestines? I AM NOT IN THE MOOD FOR YOUR SHENANIGANS so get it together!

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  1. Buck, I am so sorry. The same thing happened last year to my Dakota, except she was 8. It is SO tough. I hope that she feels better and that you're able to patch her up.