Monday, April 5, 2010

McFatty Monday-Easter Holiday Hazards

Dieting around a holiday is hard. Seriously. Dieting around Easter is not as long and drawn out as Christmas but its not the easiest thing that's for sure. Sweets EVERYWHERE. One word: Cupcakes

All things considered, I think I maintained some amazing self control despite my baking orgy that took place over the weekend: Triple Lemon Cupcakes, Strawberry Lime cupcakes, Easter shaped homemade Sugar cookies dipped in Lemon Icing, Homemade Chocolate Fudge Pie with a homemade crust and homemade whipped sweetened cream.

::wide eyed stare:: Yep, I made all that. along with a big pan of spinach lasagna and two roasted chickens. Everyone descended upon my house like a hoard of locusts, and yet there were still sweets leftover. I seriously ONLY had a serving of spinach lasagna and one cupcake. (But I can't lie and say I didn't like my fingers and the spoon repeatedly while making everything). Leftovers? Spinach lasagna and another cupcake.

My willpower is working so far. The only thing that remotely saved me was how much cleaning, gardening and running around I did this weekend. Seriously, cleaning my entire house is a major workout. I fully maintain even though its not a big house, it is way too big for the two of us. Between the shopping, the cooking, baking and cleaning, mowing, and planting flowers I was tee-totally EXHAUSTED every night to the point I could hardly move and slept like the dead. By the time Sunday rolled around I was done. But I worked anyway. We installed a new flower bed, complete with ripping out the ground (DH did that), installing black plastic, planting six azalea bushes and covering in cyprus mulch. We aren't done but it looks great and I can't wait to add in some hostas, tulips, mums and jonquils this fall.

So the good news is: I maintained some level of control during the holiday food parade. I worked my butt off enough to counteract the sinfully delicious cupcakes and did not gain a pound.

Bad news: I didn't lose any weight this week either. Which means I didn't get close to my goal. My goal was to be a certain weight for my birthday. (which is on Thursday). I'm still 9 lbs away and there is no way I can get there now.

I'm happy at how far I've come and everyone is starting to comment on the difference but I'm a little depressed at how far away I am from my goal.

Ms.Blair asks this week:
Have you adjusted any of your goals based on your success? Have you changed your approach to weight loss at all (ie started on one program, switched to another)? Have you ever taken a break & then picked it back up again? If so, what were your results?

I will be adjusting my goal this week for a new deadline and lower range as I missed this one. I have leaned more vegetarian dishes since starting this weight loss. I'm not sure why but possibly because I can get more flavor out of them and keep the calories down than with meat dishes. I have taken MANY breaks in weightloss and the results weren't good. LOL However, I think in the new lifestyle change, there aren't really any breaks. Do I focus on losing more than other times. yes. Like this week, I allowed myself some sweets because of the holiday but still maintained portion control. Thus I didn't lose. Like you though, now that I'm out in the yard more, I'm probably building a little muscle as I get back into shape so it may not just be the sweets. (I'll keep telling myself that any way).

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  1. You. Are. Amazing. Don't forget that. You've lost so much weight, you are so close to your goal - meeting it on your birthday would have been nice, but the important thing is that you WILL meet it.

    Besides, like you said in your last paragraph - it's about LIFESTYLE CHANGE. & you're doing it in a badass way. I'm so proud of you!