Thursday, April 22, 2010

I should Know better

I really should. Testing every day isn't going to solve anything. I received some free test strips in the mail so I figured since they were el cheepo's it wouldn't hurt anything. My temp was still pretty high this morning so I tested again.

yea, NO. Even a microscopic strip screams big fat NEGATIVE and it does hurt. FF doesn't help when they say "73% of positives are recorded before 13dpo". Everyday reduces the chance of me getting a positive. I know, deep down, that I'm not.

But that damn chart.

I need to face the music that there is no 2010 baby in my future and that I have no choice but to start the clomid next cycle. Even my bodies attempt at ovulation is not enough. My body is not good enough to produce or carry a child...even with medical intervention. I may be fooling myself but I guess I have to try again with the meds.


  1. Your chart totally looks like a BFP chart, which TOTALLY SUCKS A$$ that you are getting BFN's!! I just can't trust the chart for more than showing ovulation ....I am still hoping for a miracle BFP tomorrow for you!