Monday, April 26, 2010

McFatty Monday

I think I beat Blair to the punch this morning so I have no clue what today's question will be and I doubt I will be able to come back and add as "the big boss" is in the country and my office for the next three days.

Last week was good on the weight front. As we know, I broke that stupid plateau last monday and then continued to drop over the next few days for a total of five pounds. This weekend I did a little emotional eating due to the appearance of AF which is always a bloat fest anyway.

I'm not terribly surprised to see I gained two pounds. This would not be out of the norm without some emotional eating as I typically bloat the first few days of AF anyway. So I'm not going to stress over it. I mean really..I'm still THREE pounds down from that darn plateau. Technically since Monday's are my official weigh-in days I've lost two pounds still from last monday. LOL It's all good.

And despite my beautiful chart and timing, I was right, AF showed up. I took my big girl pill though...literally. I started the Metformin on Saturday when I knew she was gearing up to sing. I could hear her going through her chords and tuning her voice. So I took the Met. Tuesday will be day 3. I will start the Clomid.

I've also got a bottle of POM in the fridge waiting and I'm going to start on the green tea. I am committed this month. (and by the end may have to be committed).

Old Wives Tales? Bring 'em on. At this point, I don't care. I'll try anything. I want to feel that peace again that I felt with Bumblebee. I want to feel that cozy love of laying in bed with my husband with his arm around me and his hand on my stomach knowing there are three of us. We felt like a family and its been too long wallowing in the tears and fear. I'm done with it. I will do whatever I have to do to get that back and move on even if it means standing on my head, while sucking a pineapple core and simultaneously chanting to sperm with a pomengranite shoved up my vag that would make a professional Karma Sutratarian cringe. Got it? Good.

Onward and upward: This week is a to die for Meal Plan, some housework and gardening and a round of pills. I may even try to work in some exercise! Have a great week!


  1. Good luck! When you find the old wives tales that work, pass them along my way - I think I've tried the upside pineapple core chanting one before lol! Good for you on the weightloss!

  2. Just hang in there. With everything. You're doing perfectly.

  3. Wow, in your second to last paragraph you made me tear up and then you made me laugh coffee out my nose.
    Ditto what Blair said. You are doing great!

  4. I love your attitude in this post... you made me laugh hysterically in the last paragraph, talking about the old wives tales.
    You are so incredibly brave and I'm so proud of you!! :)