Monday, April 19, 2010

McFatty Monday

Good news: I lost a pound. I finally broke that plateau. Considering my very bad weekend, I'll definately take it! (I'm pretty sure it was solely from the massive poop exodus of 2010)

I got a craving this weekend for a burger. This is bizarre because I haven't been able to tolerate red meat in four months. (Coincidentally it is also what I craved with Bumblebee but we won't go there today). So I got a Frisco burger from Hardees. Trying to maintain some level of self control with portions, I cut it in half and ate one half for lunch and the other for dinner, no fries...that was all I ate. That is still a massive amount of fat and calories in one day but I guess it helped spreading it out. In between, I worked in teh garden and hopefully counteracted some of those calories. I also, over did it on the cream pasta this weekend. Shrugs. Anywho, I'm ecstatic that I broke the plateau and hopefully this week will be much better.

I'm making a concious effort to eat more often again. So far today I've had Special K for breakfast and Half a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese for snack. Lunch: Creamy pea Pasta.

For now though, I'm extremely pleased that I finally lost SOMETHING after three weeks stuck in the same spot.

Blair asks:
So what is your plan for making this long-term? Will you keep counting calories, points, or will you simply be taking the lessons learned? Will you be weighing your food, using your hand as a guide for measurements, or simply watching the number on the scale? What makes you KNOW that you’re making a lifestyle change instead of just a quick fix?

I find myself slipping sometimes, with portion, especially with pasta but not so much on the meat and veggies. But on other areas, I'm not slipping, like drinking my water. It's ingrained now and I can't imagine giving it up for soft drinks again. I tried to drink a soft drink this weekend, and I like the fizzy sensation but it seemed overly sweet and syruppy. I think I'll get some sparkling water and treat myself to some fizzy juice every now and then.

For long term, I'm going to continue to experiment with healthy eating, local/organic foods, monitoring portion, trying to eat throughout the day as I slipped back to the two time a day thing the past few weeks without realizing it. It is a lifestyle change, completely. I also completely agree that if you take the lessons offered to you with your success, whether that be Nutri System or Atkins etc. you can make it work for you. Also, monitoring the if you go up a bit, you catch it in time.


  1. Yay for breaking your plateau! I'm hoping to get off mine soon! Congrats!

  2. Yay for breaking the plateau!!! & then pooping out another 5 lbs!

    You are awesome. Over 40 lbs. WOW. ::slow clap::