Monday, March 1, 2010

Blog Challenge Results

The first Garden Gourmet Blog Challenge is complete. There has been a lot of positive feedback via email but sadly to say few recipes. In retrospect, I think this was a tough challenge and a hard month for a lot of people with the bad weather issues. Honestly, I am a tiny bit dissappointed at the results, but through the emails, I will do it again, for those who did not participate but really wanted to (and especially for you slackers who didn't meet the deadline, love you smooches). So look for the next challenge to be posted in the next few weeks. Deadline will be April 1st.

My entry for the Challenge:
Cousin Tim's Chicken Stew

Mrs. Beth also submitted a recipe for the Challenge:
A delightful soup of tiny pasta, chuck roast and veggies served hot. A tradition in her family based on her Italian roots. YUM!

Our entries may have been few for this first challenge, but they are definately good ones (if I do say so myself!) and will warm your heart as well as the soul! Enjoy and join us for the next one!

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