Monday, March 8, 2010

McFatty Monday

I'm very glad I had the breakthrough with my clothing this weekend because it made today's weigh in a bit more easy to bear. I knew sustaining and increasing a seven pound wieghtloss last week would be a miracle. I'm actually happy that I didn't gain more than the two pounds back that I did.

Let's be honest, compared to what I have been doing, I ate way more than normal last week, especially towards the end. I had the munchies something fierce. While i tried to make good choices and eat the same things I normally would, just one thing too much will pack the pounds on. It's a lesson we have to always keep in the forefront of our minds.

Once you struggle with weight, there is no "living normally" or reaching a goal weight and eating whatever you want. You can never undo your diet changes. You can never NOT watch your weight. It's a vicious thing but people live with so much worse. There are dietary issues like allergies, diabetes etc. where people can DIE from eating the wrong thing. Overweight people live with the same. We are ticking timebombs and if we DON't constantly monitor ourselves we can still kill ourselves, its just slower than eating a mushroom that we are allergic to and comes with its own set of pains, emotional abuse etc.

The biggest thing is discovering what works for you and what you can eat. With constantly changing technology and research, we are bombarded almost daily with what we SHOULD eat and SHOULD be doing but until you do the research yourself and experiment, you can't assume that anything will for you because it worked for someone else. Yes, a lady lost 100 pounds eating Taco Bell. Does that mean you can go order three Burrito supremes every day and live to tell the tale? Absolutely not. She probably ate ONE chicken taco with lettuce and tomato and that's it. Diets and amounts can be deceptive. Common sense should prevail but if we had too much common sense we wouldn't be in this position in the first place right? With age comes wisdom and discipline. Some of us take a little longer to put BOTH in practise.

So today, I don't mourn the two pounds gained and the I'm not going to jump off the wagon of weightloss. I don't even consider this a speedbump in the road. My team is still moving forward steadily. This week I'm rocking my thin jeans and continuing on my journey. Maybe I'll adjust slightly to account for something I did or maybe not, because I'm still better than I was two months ago. I'm living and I'm trying and that my friends is what anything is all about.

So this week, I wish you all comfort with whatever it is you are struggling with. I wish you the courage to keep plugging away and wisdom to know the success is measured by your effort and not always by the end result.

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