Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Great Kabob

Kababs or Kabobs are known as meals on a stick. Originating in or around Turkey before the 14th century, it most closely translates to fried or charred meats. Often served in sandwiches, in stews etc. now a days in America (atleast around here) its served straight on the stick alternated with a variety of veggies and/or fruits.

Kabobs are great for grilling quickly for appetizers, parties, etc. The Leftovers are so versatile and store easily and quickly. Many people associate Kabob's with lamb but they have become so diverse that many regions have their own take on it. They can be complex tastes of marinated meats with three and four other food items or as simple as salt and peppered shrimp.

So now that we've had the history lesson, on to the FOOD! To celebrate the first spring like day, I grilled out. Simple shrimp kabobs with wedges of lemon and small slices of onion. Beef kabobs with large quarters of sweet onion, and red pepper.

I couldn't do it without my nifty skewers from Pampered Chef either. These are by far the best skewers EVER!

So really there is no recipe to try here. Play around with combinations of veggies, fruits and meats as well as seasoning with your favorite marinades. Have fun with it and enjoy the beautiful weather, quick cooking times and excellent meals all on one stick.

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  1. I am stopping over (a few days late) from the Lady Bloggers Tea Party. I love all things food and new recipes and canning and baking too.

    My mouth is watering with you talking kabobs...I love hubby just doesn't understand!

    New follower!